Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer fun outside

Go me a couple new toys!

Swapped the Santa Cruz chameleon for this:

A Stanton Switchback.  I've been riding alloy hardtails for years, but its just not the same as steel.  This is an awesome bike to ride, and to use bike jargon, really gets the 'Stoke' going

Build is XT like the Chameleon (as it was a donor), went for 1x (still not convinced though) and a Kashima Fox 34 rather then the Pike up front, the Fox just seems smoother on a hardtail.

On a full-sus, that's another story.  I'm off on another bike trip later this summer, last summer in France I rode a Santa Cruz Bronson that I never really gelled with, so this year I bought my own big-hill bike, this:

A Kona Process 153DL, and what a sweet ride it is.  Uphill its nothing special but point it down and its a ripper, even for a slow-poke like me!  Build is a mix of SRAM 1x and XT brakes (going Saint later this year), suspension is all Rockshox with a Lyric up front.  Still getting used to that, but so far it takes big hits in its stride and even for a heavier rider like me has travel to spare.

If only it would stop raining every weekend here in the NE...

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