Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summer of Slammers Got Painted

Work in progress on Slammers units
 Echo company command blower "Mother"

 Echo company blower troop: "Madman", "Moxi", "Mangler" and ""Monster"

 Close up of "Madman"

 Golf company support assets, a command car and transporter

 Close up of Command Car

 Alpha (Reserve) company older-pattern combat cars

 Close up of A55, or as its known by its crew "Kickass"

 3rd Platoon, Bravo company (Infantry) jeeps and skimmers

 Bravo gun jeep, this is a first pattern Ainsty jeep.  The crew they supplies were the same standing crew found in the combat cars, so I bodged together a gun ring and subbed in a GZG driver

 Same 1st pattern jeep, this time it a GZG mortar and driver/crewman

Infantry skimmers from GZG

And more WiP
 Combat cars (with test fitting of splinter shield) and Hog unit all inked up ready for the next phase

Still to go, Old Crow jeeps (with two second pattern Ainsty jeeps), cargo blocks and dismounted infantry

So, why not shiny silver tanks?  Simple, I'm not such a fan, I prefer the 'bare metal' look of dull silver and I never really thought the jeeps should be silver as they are described as being plastic/composites.  Plus in their role supporting infantry, to me, it would be hard to 'go to ground' with shiny silver jeeps

Anyway, that's my 2c and I'm sticking to it =8-)


  1. Looking very nice! Where do the turret tribarrels on the old pattern combat cars come from? I'm using magnets on my grav outriders so I can interchange weapons as required.

  2. Hi Paul,

    The tribarrels are from some Armies Army VTOLS. When I built them I didn't put any weapons on as I was intending to use them as civilian VTOLS. Magnets are a great idea. I've not use them much as I've not had a lot of success with them so far.

    This is also a good reminder that I do have to get my bum in gear and do the other half of this set...