Sunday, October 8, 2017

Its Yuuuge!

Woot!  Got me a New toy, a Revell Pelican.  This is a 1/100 snap-tite kit.

The kit is clean of flash and already separated from the sprue, it goes together fairly easily in about 5mins

It is HUGE!  Here it is next to the resin Dark Horse version.  Now I see them together I was way off in guessing the scale of the DH version, its tiny compared to the 1/100 kit

The kit comes pre-coloured, so you could leave it like this if you wished.  Or, at least until is had its first test-flight (wargamer-minor was jumping up and down in excitement ready to fly the Pelican once it was built)
This just before decals

With Figs for scale ref, some Critical Mass and Art Crime Spartans deploy

Decals added, actually, these are more like stickers than decals


A Spartan and Marine line up to show how big it is

The interior is moulded with jump-seats etc, so could be painted up.

In summary, its a nice kit, goes together easily, seems to have a decent amount of detail and is rugged enough for a 'game piece'.  In fact, wargamer-minor has been putting it through its paces, and so far its holding up well.  

Time to get some more figs painted!

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  1. It's an impressively sized kit. Makes me want to to get my 15mm figures out again.