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The Peoples of the Yan'drassi Collective

The Yan'drassi are an alien force created by Eli Arndt via Kickstarter and now available from Alternative Armies. 

What follows is a combination of background created by Eli and embellishments of my own. If you wish to use any of this please feel free...

...As Mankind spread out into the stars they quickly found out they were not the first, nor were they alone.  Man first marveled at impossibly ancient artifacts found on habitable planets.  Then they came across The Collective; The Collective were welcoming, they shared knowledge and resources, then the demand came: Mankind had to join The Collective.  It took the World Government two days to decide, No.  Relations with The Collective became tense, then frosty.  Mankind and The Collective slipped into a state of cold war, with each seemingly content to harass shipping and occasional isolated colonies.

Recent reports indicate there has been a significant theological shift within the Collective.  Intelligence indicates massive troop movements among the Yan'drassi. It seems clear that a significant escalation of military action at the hands of these imperialist aliens is imminent.

::UNSC Background Briefing: The Yan'drassi Collective::

The Yan'drassi Collective is an interstellar empire made up of dozens of species presided over by the Yan. The Collective appears to be organized in a hierarchical, quasi-religious, manner focused towards the 'greater good' of all species, as seen by the guiding hand of the Yan.

Most species of the Collective contribute through economic and scientific means, however, several species make their contribution primarily through military service.  This briefing will focus on the forces UNSC troops have so far encountered


Neeks are creatures with a very low intelligence. Due to their nearly endless numbers Neeks have become the bulk of the Yan'drassi armed forces. Lack of discipline, motivation and courage requires that they be led to perform even marginally well. Neek squads are led by low-ranked Tavshar leaders.


The brutish Horgosi are ill-tempered and savage but make highly effective assault troops made even more potent through the use of triggered injections of biochemicals that can send them into a frenzy.

Horgosi refuse to be overseen by Tavashar leaders, Hogosi squad either act independently or led by a Horgosi Prime. 

Especially violent and low intelligence Hogosi are formed into berserkers via biological manipulation and mechanical implants.


The Tavshar are the professional core of the Yan'drassi fighting body. Sleek and athletic, theirs is a culture of warrior prowess. Even outside of their service for the Yan, they are a proud, martial culture given to duels and the development and perfection of lethality. Squads of Tavshar form an elite backbone to the masses of Neeks and other species.

 Tavashar warriors who lose esteem are often demoted to lead Neek squads

Tavashar warriors who rise in esteem are promoted to become Tavashar Elites

Elites are often accompanied by especially adept warriors armed with weapons for close-in fighting

The Tavashar use technology not available to all Yan'drassi, the Gun Skimmer provides rapid-response patrol and fire support to the Yan'drassi on the battlefield. 

Kaamados Dominion

The Kaamados Dominion, is a minor bloc of reptilian races absorbed recently into The Collective, internecine struggles indicate this integration may not be going as smoothly as the Yan may prefer.


Naga society is divided into clans, the fractious nature of Naga society led to their downfall at the hands of The Collective. Within The Collective, Naga have little status and are subservient to all but the Neeks. In combat, Naga typically serve as snipers, defensive fighters, and scouts due to their excellent senses of sight, smell, and hearing.

Draco Aganath

Draco Aganath have not been observed outside of their massive Maxima Battlesuits.  No live example has been captured, recovered suits reveal what is assumed to be a Draco Aganath entirely encased in the battlesuit's armoured thorax carapace.

A visual guide to forces of The Collective

Collective forces vary greatly in size and comparative anatomy

Non-Military units encountered: Nimuan Orator and Sh'm Controller

Nimuan Orator

Nimuans are an artificial race created an age ago by the Ancients. They wander the worlds of the Collective speaking and singing of the glories of the Collective.  Within the Collective they act as priesthood and inspirers of devotion.

Sh'm Controller

Sh'm Controllers are often seen with Nimuan Orators, their role is unknown.

A Nimuan Orator accompanied by a Sh'm Controller addressing a group of Neeks and their Tavashar leader

Why the Yan'drassi Collective? 

Two reasons:
1.  They are a great excuse to amalgamate all the small alien groups I have under one umbrella.  Over the years I've got lots of odds and ends of figs.  Using the Collective banner I now don't feel the need need to 'round out' forces, playing Ambush Alley-type skirmish games using a mishmash of troops is fun.
2. They appear to inspired by a certain video game, which, while I don't actually play the game* I really like to look and feel of it, so I've been slowly building a small skirmish force to play an 'inspired by' version of the game

*OK, so I have played the game, my friend Mark's lad used to play it, we tried too, we were terrible at it.  The last time I played the mission was a 'simple one', we had to kill off 30 aliens; it was a 'see who gets the most' type of game.  I was pumped after I killed my second alien, I went looking for the rest to find there were none left.  Score: Me = 2, Mark's Lad = 28.  I sucked so bad he never played with me again...   ...that's teens for you!

The Yan'drassi were created by Eli Arndt and are now available from Alternative Armies.  Other figs above came from Critical Mass Games (now Ral Partha Europe?) or (now back under Alternative Armies)

And Finally, Why no games?
Simple: My basement game space is FREEZING!  We have only a partially finished basement and this past couple of weeks have been brutally cold here in the NE, its been way too cold to play.  Hopefully we are heading back into the normal temp range soon so I can get some of these figs into action!

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  1. Great idea and back story. I've been playing around with something similar. Years ago while playing WRG 5 ancients there was an army list called the "Barbarian Conspiracy" a real crazy mix of Irish, Picts, and Germans to be used against the late Romans. This gave me the seed of an idea for a campaign involving aliens tired of human
    encroachment (we breed like rabbits)lol. So they gather their forces and start riding human colonies.....I figure a series of linked games with everything left thrown into the last one....)