Monday, February 5, 2018

Rolling Hot!

Hammers Slammers ready to take on contracts...

This is the last batch of my Old Crow Slammer's Armour, painted, but needing a warmer day for varnishing.

 Kilo company combat cars ready to slide

 Mike company Hogs

 Golf company logistics and support

 Hammers Slammer's taskforce ready for contracts

 Bravo company infantry

 Kilo company combat cars with Alpha (Support) company older pattern combat cars

 Echo company blowers and command tank

Artillery support group comprised of Golf coy command and logistics ammo haulers and Mike coy Hogs

 Command and control group comprised of Golf coy command car and support echelons

And bonus! They all fit (barely) into one of my vehicle storage boxes.  Its like Tetris, I'll never remember how I did this

And, before anyone notices, the company designations are not cannon, I just went along with the decals I had and thought looked good.  I can live with that  =8-)

I do have more Slammers so go, I have a dismounted Infantry group and some more jeeps.  As I've now finished all the armour there is a good chance I'll get these done in time for the GZG ECC in March.  I'm running a Crucible rules game on Friday of the Con, its going to be Slammers vs other Mercs.  I've finished up a couple of fun units but I won't be spoiling the surprise by revealing the Slammer's opponents.

Here's the link to GZG ECC XXI, yup, XXI.  Not bad for a bunch of guys from an email list who got together just to play with toys!


  1. Tape or marker the 'parking spaces' into your tray? It will probably be pretty obvious based on the sizing of the vehicles...

  2. Great looking unit, I like the darker color used here.

  3. Looking great! I must get the rest of my Slammers painted too, I think you've inspired me!