Monday, July 2, 2018

Moongrunt - prepping forces

Remember the moonbuggy, this one:
It got me thinking about what Moongrunt could be, so I used my GZG voucher from Xmas and bought a bunch of toys.  I then spent an age gluing all the little fiddly bits, plus my fingers, together.

So now I have two Moongrunt forces:
Both sides, they are essentially equal.  I will probably multi-base the figs so I can use them with Hammer's Slammers rules.

All those moon-jeeps and jet-trucks were a pain to assemble...

Force One, with mechs and Command at the back

Force Two, same order, different armour and mechs.  Both forces have a bunch of infantry too

Generic buggies, robots and base-type staff
For scenery I managed to pick up an old UFO-moonbase kit and modded it up a bit.  Base personnel and Infantry in the wire baskets at the top.

A module as a stand-alone structure.  It turned out these scale well for 15mm.  I also bought a moonscape base-mat and will probably try to get stuff like a Space 1999 Eagle or two. 

Next, once the humidity scales back a bit, an awful lot of white primer and paint!


  1. 207 quid for one of those moonbases from Amazon !!!!

  2. There's a new ink that's grey and works well in fitting into the crevices of white...I know you don't cut corners but it might be worth a look. Vallejo Game Color Wash 73.202 Pale Grey

  3. Hi Phil, I found it best to hunt Ebay, they seem to range from 100-200 US dollars. I waited for a LONG time to find a cheaper one. Mine came from Japan for 150USD