Monday, July 2, 2018

Time for the annual "what have I been up to" post

Ah, summer at last.  Been a while since blogging, as spring sets in and early summer beckons other hobbies and interests pick up.

So, instead of a blog post, here's a montage!

The Veggie patch got a big reno, these are three of the new raised beds, there are three more behind me in this shot.  I made these early spring from cedar.  There's a new garden bench made from the cedar off cuts too, but its not in shot.  Forgive the wonky path, mini-me major relaid that one.

 Mini-me Major and Minor's hiking season kicked into gear

 With some of this

 Up there...

"This way", says mini-me minor

Ahh, made it...

I've been keeping up the road riding over winter, but its now full-on MTB season.  Its nearly time to start building up training for this years big trip, a week's biking in the Pyrenees!

There's not a lot of time left for soldiers (at least as long as I can keep awake, yup, I'm heading down old-farts lane, falling asleep in front of the TV on an evening!).  However, remember this little convert, well it got me thinking about Moongrunt, so I got me some more soldiers to build up.  More next post.


  1. That's what you call a back garden, very nice indeed, my father would approve. Exercise is important for kids, it makes them sleep too. The bike looks nice a hard tail or full suspension?

  2. Hi Phil, Its a hardtail, its a Stanton Switchback. Its super fun to ride.