Saturday, October 20, 2018

You sunk my Battleship

A bit of X-wing with the lads.  Mini-Me Major had a base to defend (with unlimited Tie-fighters) while Minor and I attacked with the Assault frigate and escorts.

The Rebels
 Tie interceptor zaps an A-wing
 A bit more to-and-fro on fighter loss
 BRAAAAAP, Assault Frigate opens up
 Zooom, more Ties appear
 Chaaaarge goes Mini-Me
KaBlewie!  The Ties all ignore the fighters and focus on the Frigate.  Mini-Me Major takes it down in spectacular fashion - then he does a victory dance
Minor had so much fun he wanted to play again and take his own pics
This was a short and fun game with this lads before dinner.  Was totally just an excuse to get the toys out and blast some starships to atoms!


  1. Where are the star wars figs from? They look an unusual size...

  2. Most of the fighters are old Galoob MicroMachines. They scale roughly similar to the X-wing ships, at a fraction of the price, and are much tougher for play with the kids. The assault frigate is an old Aliens ship kit, its about 10inches long.

    1. Thanks. I thought I recognized an aliens ship but wasn't too sure on the fighters.