Monday, September 16, 2019

Enough bikes, back to small soldiers

A quick skirmish in the basement.

A power-armour assault team is attacking a base to destroy its computer core. 

 The base, computer core upper LHS
 VTOL landing
 Defenders rushing to ready stations
 Technicians trying to shut down the cores
 As ready as they will ever be
 Here they come, defense turrets KO'd
 Camera show the attackers are in heavy PA
 Heavy weapons-suit targets the main doors
 Kablweie! doors blown open
 Attackers pour in through the rent doors
 Attackers KO one abut the first suit takes heavy fire
 Attackers push forwards, the heavy suits soaking up the damage
 And splat.  Heavy PA in assault tends to win
 A defender squad rounds the corner and pins the heavy suits
 Defenders mass to protect the cores
 More Defenders appear behind the attackers
 The lead assault team advances despite taking a beating
 Attackers charge into assault
 The squad-auto chews through the heavy PA, KO-ing the first suit
 While the other attackers gain entry to the computer-corridor
 Meanwhile, back in the entry area, that pesky flanking Defender squad keeps popping out an hosing down Attackers, KO-ing one suit
 Then popping back into hiding
 The remaining assault team pushed on
 Oops, not what you want to open a door to
 The heavy suit turns to try to secure the exit
 Defenders gain another flank
 The last defenders of the cores try to stay alive a little longer
 Bit by bit the Defenders pick away at the rearguard heavy suit
 Techs try to prevent the assault team's entry
 Not for long...
 The Defender squad pops out and hoses the assault team, damaging one suit
 Its back-and forth in the corrider, neither side has the real upper-hand
 As casualties mount it starts to look like the attackers may prevail
 One tech remains to protect the cores
 Man down, and one (of three) cores destroyed
 Defenders pour fire into the heavy-attackers
 However, as casualties mount the volume of fire is clearly slacking
 Two cores down!
 This mission may succeed, time to secure the exit
 The heavy-suit trooper gets in posiiton
 Defenders try a last-ditch attempt to KO the assault team
 the suits holding the corridor are taking a pounding
 Last core down!  Run for it...
 The Assault team goes for the exfil
 Defenders keep firing on the Attackers
 Attacking suits start providing cover as they leapfrog to  the exit
 Teh heavy suit takes more hits
 Then fails, KO one more suit
 Another attacker pushes the heavy aside and opens up
 Punching a hole through the defenders ranks
 The crew-chief signally its time to 'get to the choppa!'
 Heavy suits mow down Defends as they rush by
 The last few Attackers push on
 Defenders mass behind them. the suits' armour is holding, for now
 Things are not going so well for Defenders on the landing pad
 The first attacker enters the Dropship
 closely followed by two more
 The Defenders fail to KO anothe suit
 Enabling the Attackers to escape
 The final tally, one undamaged suit and four heavily damaged suits.
And the Defenders, almost completely wiped out, computer cores destroyed. This will significantly set back their war efforts.

A fun quick game.  I just felt like getting some toys out and getting straight into the action.  Set up was quick, I used this new book of maps I got this summer
There are a lot of different maps in these books, ideal for small scenarios.  With one book they are good for hero-focused action, with two larger game.  I guess they would look better without the spiral binding, but for now its a convenient way of keeping them together.  At least until the mini-me's are finished playing with them!
One challenge with these mats is taking thier picture, they are protected with a shinny finish so the light bounces off them really badly.  Its not noticeable in play, but shows up quite badly in the pics.

Figs are all 20mm, the suits are Reverisco 'Troll' power armour (for Starguard?). The Defenders are mostly old Blade/Rolf Hedges with a smattering of GW Dark future as the technicians.  I think the crew chief is either from Revell or Airfix.  The Dropship is the 1/100 Halo one, as is huge I also use it for 20mm.


  1. Lovely work, thanks for the heads up on the mat/book!

  2. Great writeup. Looks like a smashing game. I was wondering if it was going to be a push over from the start but it does look like the attackers took some heat.
    Thanks for the info on the setup. Where did the various furniture gubbins come from? And what rules did you use?

  3. Brilliant thanks for SHARING where did you get the book from?

  4. A great report to read. Much fun was had by all it seems.