Friday, October 16, 2020

Contact Front, Engage.

Commonwealth Airborne units are pushing forwards, they have bumped up against a unit of Confederation Infantry.

A quick infantry action using Hammer's Slammers Crucible rules.

Confederation enter LHS, Commonwealth enter on the RHS

Commonwealth Airborne dash for cover

The Confederation unit is caught on the advance

The Commonwealth file through the rock outcrops

They seek cover where they can as they open up on the Confederation

The opening salvoes are deadly

The lead Confederation squad is hit badly

In return the Confederation dash for the cover of the rocks

The Confederation fail to get enough action points (APs) to bring on additional troops as they scramble to cover

The Confederation return fire is deadly, the Commonwealth lead platoon is hit hard

The second Commonwealth platoon forms a fire base and starts a flank march

The second platoon pins down the left flank of the Confederation infantry

The Commonwealth wins initiative and push forwards into firing positions

The lead Confederation unit is gunned down (finally found my other casualty markers, now using the red ones only for suppression markers)

The Confederation gain enough APs to bring on reserves

The Commonwealth Confederation lost their Lt, now they only have a Sgt, who opts to lead from the rear
The Confederation reserves push forwards, clearing the Commonwealth from the rocks in front and suppressing the remaining lead Commonwealth elements

The second Commonwealth platoon's flank maneuver ends in an ambush, the Confederation unit is suppressed by the other fire-teams enabling...

A charge, Commonwealth elements fix bayonets and go for it

The second platoon pushes up on the remaining Confederation elements

 The Confederation unit is in disarray, with heavy casualties

Commonwealth fire is accurate and heavy

The outnumbered Confederation element had no chance...

Game over!, Game over, man!

The remaining Confederation Infantry forms up to surrender formally to the lead Commonwealth platoon command.  

The Commonwealth Airborne has pushed back the Confederation this time, but with serious casualties, time to consolidate their position, deal with prisoners and begin to treat the wounded while other Commonwealth units continue the push forwards.

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  1. Very nice Stu, I like the terrain boards in particular!