Saturday, November 21, 2020

AA: Lawyers, Guns & Money

 Ambush Alley time again.  Playing the Lawyers, Guns and Money scenarios

I got the PDF version not the boxed set

Scenario 1: AMUSH!

I'm using my Colonial Marines and Crusties instead of Contractors and Insurgents.  The Marines with a bigwig (dependent) start out in top LH corner, their vehicles just got blown up.  They have to leg it to the building in the bottom RH corner

Just one teensy problem

Ooorah Marines, time to earn your pay
Crusty reinforcements swarm in

Marines dash forwards engaging the lead Crusties

The remaining Marines are close on their heels

Marines surprise a Crusty group

Not for long

Missed one!

It's a tight squeeze between the buildings.  The team with the bigwig has to haul it to get to the target building, they only have 3 turns to get there otherwise they score no victory points

Lead Marines keep up a constant fire on Crusty units, preventing them accumulating numbers

Marines take a crusty shack as a firebase (its not a very good one...)

Its enough cover to protect Marines from counter-fire, but the Marines 10mm AP tear through the shack taking down crusties

The survivors fall back, shaken

This opens a corridor to get the VIP to the target building

Buts its not enough, three turns expire, no VIP in the building (honestly, without a run move it was almost impossible to do)
Crusties on the Marine flank engage

Fixing a Marine unit in place, 

Marine counterfire is deadly,

Well almost
But the Crusty unit's morale fails and they become Shaken

A reserve Crusty unit enters and tries to pin a group of Marines

Run Marines Run!

More reinforcements appear

The weight of crust fire proves effective, two Marines go down

Finally made it!  The Bigwig is delivered with his briefcase to the target building

Marines consolidate around the target building

Crusties pay for their bold moves

Dakka Dakka!

Crusties down



Game over Man!  

Bigwig doing his bigwig thing.  Marines treating their casualties, one killed, one wounded, this matters as this is all that's available for the next scenario...


  1. I've only played AA a couple of times, but the mission objectives for the regulars (non-insurgent) side usually seem heroically difficult.

    Pretty cool tire pile. Is that a single piece casting?

  2. A great report. My Ambush Z rules have been lost in a NAS failure so I'm trying to get a replacement. Ambush Alley is a really good game.