Sunday, December 27, 2020

AA: Lawyers Guns & Money: Take the Money And Run

The second Mission: Take the Money And Run

Kind of looks like the first, Contractors plus VIP stuck in top LHS corner need to get to bottom RHS corner in 6 turns.  Also, there are less contractors as you get only survivors from mission one and ammo is running low.  Mmmm, remind me why I bought this...

Stuck in the top LHS corner, need to leg it for the building on the bottom RHS.  Sure, been there, Done that

Remains of the roughie-toughie contractors plus VIP

6 turns to get here.  Is it possible?

Lots of Insurgents in the way

And here too

And they are off, a quick run down the middle of the board

Bur hold on, I spy baddies

Not for long, my son
Contractors spill out into the streets, are they 'Street Fighting Men'


Crusties rush in reinforcements


No, Fire over there!

That's the ticket!

Oops, more reinforcements coming

Out of ammo and Pinned, Not.Good.

Fall Back!

And stay there

Blammo!, Crusties down

More flood in

Not looking so dynamic for the Contractors.  

Where's the fight?

Right there!

Kablewie! casualties and Pinned

A reminder, 6 turns to get there, Mmm, perhaps this one is less of a push over

More Crusties pour in

Down to 4 turns left

Take cover!

And keep shooting!

You too...

Crusties manage to surround the Contractors

More Pinned, Morale is not holding for the contractors

Push, Push, Push!

If they had Bayonets they would have fixed them

That's the way, hard to miss at point blank

More reinforcements line up

And, of course, they would appear on this board edge

The holdouts at the rear keep up harassing fire

Crustie fighters flood round the objective building.  Three turns to go.  Tick, tick, tick...

Its Go Time!

Out of ammo, out of options, time to kick bums and take names.

It worked, sort of

More Crusties pour into the area

The Contractors DO still have a chance, but its a slim one

Maybe getting fatter?

Yup this chance has been on the Space Pies!

Perhaps not, this chance is back to being Super Model thin

Yup, more

Please Sir, can I have some more...

Two turns left

Time for some desperate action

Push, Push, Push!




Rats! Pinned at this stage, worse there are casualties, and that's the group with the VIP

We know where this is going, right?

VIP is OK, Contractors blow the dice roll

KA BLAMMO!  VIP down.  Pinned.  Last Turn.  Should I keep going?

Down Boys!

Another unit assaults
They trade casualties

OK, they mow down Crusties


Noooooooo!  More reinforcements



And, we are out of Time.  End of Turn 6.  Crusties firmly in command of the objective building, Contractors shot to bits.  A Med check on the VIP reveals he's alive, but wounded

Could they still push?  Sure, but they have still lost the game, and with the wounded VIP, the campaign.

Wounded VIP and remains of the Contractors.  The Victory conditions state the VIP has to be intact, wounded or dead is a win forth Crusties.  If he had been unwounded then this lot would have had to hold out against an endless horde with reduced ammo, at night.  They would have had no chance.

Phew, looked the same as the last one, played totally differently.  This time I really tried to commit with the Crusties, they had nothing to lose as every time I lost 5 they regenerated as a unit.  So, perhaps this was the role of this scenario, to open up the Insurgent players and whittle down the Contractors.  Either way it worked.

Losing by having the VIP wounded felt a bit like a cheap win for the Crusties, but after reading Scenario 3 this few Contractors had no chance.  So perhaps not such a  bad win after all.  

Now I know why I bought it   =8-)

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