Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"The Company Rules: #5 Boardroom Clash

Boardroom clash

Two trooper teams square off against each other from opposing corners.  The winning side is the one that causes a team to reach break point first (determined by number of wounds)

Open corporate warfare has devastated this city sector
 Clavell Corp clones face off against Hajunka Marines
 Clones enter the fray
 Marines scan the street for clones
 Clones rush forwards to gain tactical advantage
 The Marines are more cautious, developing a flanking maneuver
 Drone's view
 The Clones rush forwards in an attempt to overwhelm the single Marine team
 The Marines use all the cover the street offers
 The flank team gets in position
 The flankers draw first blood, wounding a clone
 Next turn, orders seems suspiciously similar.  I guess it depends on who wins the initiative roll
 The Marines win the roll!  The Marines pour fire on the clone team killing three clones (easily reaching break point for the team) -  Win for the Hajunka Marines
 The remaining clones withdraw, leaving what's left of the city sector to Hajunka Corp

Wow, that was a quick game.  The win conditions were pretty evenly attainable, coming down to one initiative roll.  Although it was over quick it was fair on both sides,  I guess I could have dragged it out by entering buildings etc, but what the heck, sometimes a quick game is just as fun.

Next, assassination time...


  1. Great game, minis and scenery! By the way how do you made the round towers ?

  2. Thanks,

    All the towers are made from wooden plinths from a craft store. They had a range of different sizes and shapes.

    I got the idea from a BattleTech game I saw at Historicon a few years a go.