Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"The Company Rules": #2 Fauna Encounter

... Or "Get to tha' Dropship"

A trooper team is stranded in bug country, they must fight their way out to a waiting dropship, meanwhile the bugs aint happy!

Trooper team on RHS, dropship LHS.  The mounds are bug-holes.  Bugs arrival is based on dice roll, with location roll for mound of arrival (D6 1-3 bottom R to L, 4-6 top L to R)
 This is going to be a walk in the park!
 Ulp,maybe not.  Worker bugs boil out of a hole nearby
 Blam, Blam, Blam, dead bugs
 Watch out, they're behind you...
 Nah, we aint bothered (troopers trying to advance forwards)
 Hey, they are close, maybe we should stop and shoot
 Zoink! Whirl! Bleep!, one of them got through
 Don't worry we'll get it
The workers gnaw at the leg of a trooper (a single wound in combat)
 Meanwhile,  Warriors (bigger, tougher, more combat-focused) appear in front of the troopers
Its looking a mighty long way to the dropship, especially with more bugs appearing in the way
Help! Troopers opt to to shoot it out, staying put, enabling the Bugs to swarm
 Y-Racks, expand all missiles boys!
 Missiles out (markers by Peter Pig)
 Boom, Crack, Splat!  Some wounds and one dead bug
 Om Nom Nom Nom.  Warriors crunch up a couple of troopers
 Last Stand!  Remaing Troopers opt to shoot it out
 More bugs appear on the horizon
 Shooting not too bad, combat not too bad either
 Last Stand, again!  More Warriors appear, this time right on top of the remaining troopers
 Full Auto, troopers shoot with everything
 To no avail, they are swarmed by warriors
 CHOMP!  Game over man
The tropers started out OK, but I kept them static too long, allowing the bug numbers to build up.  I should have kept them moving, running and gunning instead of trying to be too cute with tactics.

Some not great shots here, I'm using my old camera and between trying to capture in-game shots and not good enough light for no-flash photos the resolution is suffering.

So, on to the next game: Fauna Assault

In which we find out why the bugs fought so hard...  ...a bug nest right around the corner

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