Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"The Company Rules": #3 Fauna Assault

Fauna Assault... ...or Bug Stompa!

Two troopers must wipe out the Queen bug, or be wiped out by Bugs.  Queen plus guards start in the center, troopers can start at any board edge.  Queen must just get off the board to win.  Bug reinforcements are random appearance with randomized board location (bug holes as previous scenario)

Queen, eggs and Warriors - all old Peter Pig from their ex-scifi line.  the Bugs were called Phugs
Troopers appear on the horizon (old Lazerburn figs)

Bugs boil out of a hole in front of a trooper team
KaSplat! most bugs squished
In the center the other team hustles towards the queen, who promptly flees
(oops ,got this sideways), Troopers finish off the last bug as it charges into melee
In the middle the Troopers only succeed in winging a Warrior
More workers appear to relieve pressure on the Queen
Charge!  Troopers get their move on
Missiles out.
The charging Troopers manage to clear one of the Queens bodyguard warriors leaving the queen open to attack next turn
Next turn the queen is two moves off the board edge, its do or die time for the troopers, so, Fire!
Get on the hill and Fire!
The Queen is winged but not out, next turn she could be off the board
Troopers at the back mop up stragglers
Boom!  The heavy weapons trooper ranges on the exposed, wounded queen and lights her up
The Troopers love the smell of frying bug in the morning as plasma hoses down the Queen... ...only inches from victory

A good victory for the Troopers (at last!), no messing with tactics. I hustled to target the queen and it worked.  This plan probably would have gone bad had the Queen received one or more warrior reinforcement groups instead of just workers.

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