Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Star Wars: Get To The Shuttle!

Had a lot going on lately, despite this, the oldest lad and I managed to play a fun game.

In this one, the Jedi attack a droid base to steal a shuttle so they can escape the droid planet.  Before they get the shuttle they have to knock out two shield generators.

The Jedi attack in force, three Jedi (Ahsoka, Cal-vin (and robot sidekick 4-5-6) plus Nadar) and 15 clones attack a horde of droids commanded by General Grievous.

Droid base, two shields (orange) and a nice shuttle

The advancing Jedi army
Plotting his strategy
And they are off
Ahsoka and her clones lead the way
Cal-vin start his force-jump
Spins in mid-air
And land in the middle of a group of droids
Clones and 4-5-6 back up Cal-vin, And...
...Splat, ex-droids
Nadar and team rush forwards
Szick, Zzat, more ex-droids
Roger Roger, droids advance to defend the shields
Grievous exits from the shuttle to find out what's going on
Ahsoka rushes into melee with droids
While the clones mop up
Dad, see this clone, he is going to 'kill' your droids.  And he did...
Nadar advances on the other shield
Droids shoot, Nadar deflects the blast and takes down a droid
Droids ambush clones and take a couple down
Despite casualties Cal-vin pushes forwards.
Cal-vin destroys more droids, but at a cost, he takes wounds
Yet more droids fall to Cal-vin's lightsaber
Droids advance on Ahsoka, she deflects their blasts
Lightsabers flashing, Ahsoka advances on the droids
She dispatches them easily
Grievous calls in more droids
Super-battle droids advance
Clones damage the shield generator (it takes 3 'hits' to destroy)

Cal-vin leads his clones forward to tackle the super-battle droids
Between Cal-vin deflecting blasts, 4-5-6's laser vision (yes, really) and the clones, two battle droids are taken out
Nadar and clones trade casualties
More droid reinforcements line up
Cal-vin battles droids
While others sneak up on his team
Cal-vin opts for bold action, he force-leaps into one-on-one combat with Grievous
The fight rages back and forth, but Cal-vin's earlier wounds tell on him and he goes down to Grievous
Ahsoka dashes forward to rescue Cal-vin
Quite effectively...
Clones and super-battle droids slug it out over the generator
Nadar's clones heavily damage the other generator
Leaving Nadar to force-leap on top to finish the job.  Off he goes

Twirling, of course
And spinning
To land on top of the generator
Nadar forces his lightsaber deep into it, destroying the shield
On the other flank clones hold back the super-battle droids
Ahsoka taunts Grievous
The clones take out the other generator.  The rush to the shuttle is now on!
Ahsoka advances on Grievous's last bodyguards
Quickly despatching the battle droids Ahsoka wounds Grievous
The super-battle droids knock 4-5-6 out of commission
Nadar and clones have a long run to the shuttle
Ahsoka's clones fall-back to extract their brother clones
Super-battle droids kill another clone
Nadar is ambushed by droids
In a desperate fight Nadar destroys the command droid, but falls to the other droids
A wounded Grievous falls-back into cover of Super-battle droids
Grievous's retreat opens the way to the shuttle
  Jedi capture the shuttle and warm up the engines (passing a force roll)
The survivors: Ahsoka, a wounded Cal-vin, an out of commission 4-5-6 and three clones.  Nadar was captured by Grievous's droids
Brrrrrrggggh, engines started for take-off
Vrooooooossssh, shuttle taking of
...oooooooom, shuttle flies away

A really fun game with the Lad.  Was I ever worried when Cal-vin went down, however, the Lad took it in his stride with "no worries, he'll be back in the next game".  I was both relieved and proud of him when I hear that!

After the game he was buzzing ready to play the next mission to rescue Nadar, we'll see if we can get to it soon.


  1. Fantastic report and glad the Lad enjoyed the game so much. Looks like the scenario for the next mission is already written.

    What figure did you use for General Grevious?

  2. Looks like a great game and a great way to spend time with the young 'un.

  3. Very nice Batrep and incredibly good terrain!

  4. Hi David,

    Grevious is the 15SS402- Type C combat borg from Darkest Star Games' Spec Sec range (