Thursday, May 7, 2015

War Has Come

War broke out Tuesday, the city has become a ghost town fought over by Mecha and armoured infantry.

A special Forces dropship went down near the financial sector, both sides want to download data from its gun cameras... ...time to fight for it.

Gunship down, plowed straight through a tower block.  They make-em tough see!
 Mecha loom on the horizon
 A light scouting force; A class 2 with CL3 gun and CL1 support weapon (PDS).  Aided by two CL1s with CL2 guns
 Ranged against them; A class 2 with CL2 gun and CL2 swarm missiles.  Aided by two CL1s with CL2 guns
 A CL1 moves in, gun ready
 Both sides sneak forwards cautiously
 The second CL1 moves into covering position
 As does the other side
 The CL2 strides towards the target
 Easily stepping over flaming debris
 The other side's CL2 moves more cautiously
 Next turn, with the initiative, a CL1 advances on the objective
 Contact, Wait,  Out!
 The heavy cannon from the CL1 booms
 Punching a round clean through the Torso, a Mech Kill
 A sneak around seemed like a good idea
 The light mech walks fire up the other mech's leg, immobilising it for one turn
 The heavy mecha moves forwards to bring its guns to bear
 And, that's the way to do it!
 Sorta, the firing destroys the mech's left leg
 Guns blaze, missiles whoosh... ...and miss, everything misses
 New turn, new initiative, BOOM! Torso though and Through shot.  Mech down
 The light mech guarding the rear opens up on the sneaker, blowing off its left leg
 In return it destroyed the mechs sensor package - mobility killed mech
(why did Google rotate this?) Heavy mech moves to fire
 The Mech pilot form the immobilized suit bails
New turn, sole surviving mech wins initiative and withdraws, leaving the field to his enemy.

First game with my new house rules for fast Mecha action.  The rules are very simple so the kids and I can play games with our stompy toys.  I'll post more about them once they have been a bit more polished.

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  1. Great content, as usual. Looking forward to hear more about the rules.