Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beat Feet, an Ignominious Defeat...

"The Retained Commando", Defender of the Faith led by Wiffdeh Lawde are rampaging across Zoswete, time for a new challenger, will they be up for the task?

L'Tum Z'Tumtum's Nationalist Workers Army think they are.

L'Tum Z'Tumtum's Nationalist Workers Army, with some augments from political action.  Pity that only that huge militia infantry unit made it to the table on turn one.
"The Retained Commando", Defender of the Faith led by Wiffdeh Lawde.  A bit depleted by political maneuvers.  The tanks, Toyotas and foot infantry made it to the table
 The three objectives across the table
 The Minor and Major Wargamers ask to play.  They take the attackers ("Cos they have tanks")
 Me first, I'm shooting him first...
I deployed my massive militia unit in templates to try to preserve it until turn 4.  I hoped the presence of my commander could bolster their morale long enough.  It failed, I lost my Morale, and as I only had one unit, they opted for the choice test.  I failed.  Rats, two Morales down and three turns to go, this looks bad...  ...(Minor Wargames just wants to blow stuff away, so he legs it at this point to go shoot his water gun in the garden).  Major remains to humiliate his Dad.
The Major Wargamer had other thoughts on my delaying tactics.  Rather ruthlessly he went straight in for the kill.
 I tried to counter his deployment with a 'surge'
 All I ended up doing is giving him more targets
 His shooting, a rather effective round
 In return I did manage to KO the second Toyota
 He was not pleased
 Morale test, pass then fail ---> ROUT from the table
Mmmm, what can I say.

A short one, defenders were doomed by deployments, Major Wargamer didn't bother with objectives, he went for the jugular.  Poor L'Tum Z'Tumtum's Nationalist Workers Army, deserve better, if only because I finally randomly rolled a decent sounding army! I'm going to play this one again.

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