Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Painting season got a bit derailled

Phew, its been a while.  Right now I should be deep into painting season prepping for the GZG ECC XIX on April 1-3, 2016 (http://www.warpfish.com/gzgecc/gzgecc19/index.shtml).

I'm running two games, a Stargrunt(ish) game on Friday and an AK-47 Republic game on Saturday.  Figs are all done for Ak-47 and some new peices of scenery mostly finished, plus I was thinking of bringing my new period along.  This guy was going to get a run out (now he's finished):
However, I had a teeny accident on my bike.  I went way too hard through a rocky section of trail, missed the line, hopped a boulder, hit the root on the other side and did a 'superman' over my handlebars.  One bruised body and a trip to the ER later and I have a broken bone in my wrist.
And a follow-up with hand surgeon, yuck.  So follow-up later and I still have a broken bone but now I have a lot of tendon damge to add to it, new cast totally immobilising my wrist, bugger.
The result, no painting for me, I can't turn my wrist and my pinch grip is weakened.  So, for the GZG ECC I'lll not be taking the new game, I'll be digging out some other funky toys instead. I may even take the 20mm scifi set that rarely sees light of day.  I've enough terrain and stuff for AK-47 that its not affected.

However, this is painting season, as I can't paint I thought I'd do some playing instead.

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  1. Yikes. Hopefully your 'superman' has perfect form with one arm outstretched the other at your side, and back perfectly straight. The judges are sticklers for that sort of thing....

    Could you get one of those multiclamp/articulated grabbers to hold your fig while you paint with your right hand? (assuming you are right handed).
    This type of thing below....