Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Playing a game all the way through - Space Hulk V1

Its been a while since I played a game all the way through the published missions, as I've some extra playtime I thought I'd dig out my old classic space hulk and play that, from mission 1 to 6.

I don't use Marines and stealers, I gave those away years ago.   I have colonial marines and Aliens (in 15mm and 20mm), and I also use GZG powered armour 25mm troops as exo-armour guys

 The Xeno menace (from Revirisco)
Exo-armour troops lined up for mission 1; Suicide mission.  I played it through and managed to sqeeze out a marine win
 Then this happened, no1 son arrived and asked if he could play too. 
Yes! so we set it up again.  His first time playing Space Hulk.  I was a happy Dad...

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