Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Space Hulk V1, mission 2

Marines have to consolidate their position, then hold out while they kill 30 stealers (Xenomorphs in my case).

Marine and Xeno players take turns placing the Marines in the hatched areas.
 Board all set out
 Meanwhile, The Lesser Wargamer is noodling on the floor.  We will see him again later.
 BLAM BLAM, open corridors of fire
 He's back and found some stompy Mecha
 Whoosh, flamer deals with build up of pesky Xenos
 Waiting to shoot...
 "Can I play Dad?"  YES!
 Boy shoots, and scores
 The Lesser Wargamer is overjoyed
 Me, less so when they Jam
 Shoot! (dice tower to keep the dice on the table rather than spread around the room)
 Mmmmm, strategery (but too late, his Mom calls him to lunch)
 BLAM, click, jam
 Scuttle, Scuttle goes the hoard
 Trying to get across the gap, failing spectacularly
 Big build up, time to 'DO SOMETHING'
 Cool more bugs, to 'DO MORE'
 YES!, a jam
 Xenos pour forwards
 Until next turn when the Marines sweep the corridor clear.  Not.  Good.
 Flames block more bugs
 Until POP, they go extra crispy
 19 down to this point, 11 to go
 Jam, rush scuttle, almost there...
 DOH!, last square too (got him with CPs)
 22, not looking good for the bugs
 Trying a sneak move, going for the jam
 Its working (clear jam with CP)
 Oh look, its not (got 'im with CPs)
 More flames, more crispy bugs
 Flamer Marine scores more hits
 29!, nearly game over
 Last one?
Yup, Game Over Man, Game Over!

Fun, yes, but for the Marines it is just standing and firing.  The stealer player is just hoping for a jam and a rush. However, big bonus for involvement of The Lesser Wargamer.

The next mission more than makes up for the lack of action in this one.  On to 'Rescue the C.A.T.', one of my favourites

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