Monday, March 14, 2016

Space Hulk V1, mission 3

C.A.T. Rescue!

One of my favourites.  One squad with a drone (the C.A.T.) have to get off the other side of the board with help from a second squad.  Stealers get three blips per turn, oh yeah, pour it on...

...but first a word about blips.  In the original there are blips marked with 1-3 stealers, the stealer player does look to see how many per blip before playing them.  That's OK, but long ago we started playing them blind, its a lot more fun that way, which is why I switched to the acrylic blip markers (and they are prettier)

The layout
Squads plus C.A.T. (converted old 6mm Land Raider)
Let it begin!
Hustle, hustle, whoosh, whoops, whoosh again. Not the best start for the flamer
Watch out...
...Too late.  Worse start for bolter marine
Its closer, note the overwatch.  Silly me thinking the Marines might actually shoot something.
Oh great.  I start a tough mission down two men in the first few turns.  This could be a fast one for the xenos
The ineptitude continues, over on the other side the over-watcher jams
And is saved by a last minute shot
Over with the advance group the remainder form up and cover each other
The rescuers hustle forwards, lots of doors to hide behind
Pile on!
DAKKA DAKKA, two Xenos down, advance by firing
A reminder: you guys are on overwatch, you can shoot the xenos as they pile down that corridor
Flamer retires blocking the corridor
AAARGH, shoot!
Not Good
Rescuers hit a sticky patch
See this guy in the middle, this is why the marines will loose, he's hit nothing all game

The horde he's not been hitting
Rescuers manage to gain some advance
Perhaps not for long
Going, going...
Gone.  C.A.T. goes to ground unharmed
Flamer-marine is next on the chopping block
He does not last long.  Now both teams are seriously weakened
WHAT, now he shoots straight?
The Sgt manages to clear the horde, he chases the C.A.T. (xenos got control last turn)
The rescuers have to push ahead, they cannot let the Xenos lurk
C.A.T. team consolidate
Xenos swarm
The last flamer blocks a Xeno entry area, hosing two blips at the same time
The advancing team manages to clear some Xenos
DAKKA, DAKKA, click (again)
Uh. Oh.
Xenos enact their revenge
Marines get control of the C.A.T. and it moves in a favourable direction
DAKKA, DAKKA, perhaps the Sgts overwatch jinx has gone?
Time to go for the mission, the flamer advances to clear the corridors
Holding on.
The Sgt grabs the C.A.T and runs for it
While being chased, the Xenos take out the flamer and move on the Sgt.
CP roll was terrible, Sgt legs it
Bugs chase
And the inevitable happens when you have your back to the bugs.  C.A.T. scatters (Marines get to move it)
RUN, RUN.  Marine picks up the C.A.T and runs, other marine advances to block the Xenos
Bugs chase hard
And here they come
Bugs rushing in on both sides, two marines left.  One has a jam and the other is carrying the C.A.T.
Time to be sneaky?  C.A.T. gets handed to jammed Marine, Sgt braces to try to sell himself dear to give the other Marine time to get the C.A.T. out
Xeno rush begins
Sgt Draws (they +1)
Another draw!
Sgt Wins!
Sgt wins again!
And again (there is something odd going on here...)
And he's down.  That's more like it.
One Sgt, three HTH kills (or should that be KIL, KIL, KIL)
Xeno rushes the C.A.T.-carrier, but
Its short, it has no more APs to attack.  The Sgt did it!  The Marine advances off the board.  The Marines win!

Wow, potential victory swung both ways, victory was earned by the slimmest margin, classic Space Hulk.

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  1. The GZG and Khurasan stuff looks great on the board. Space hulk was always frustrating and close run.