Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Space Hulk V1, mission 5

Decoy:  Marines reposition for the final attack.  Marines win by getting only 5 marines off the board.  Xenos start with a bunch, and it only gets worse.  The marines need to move fast to prevent the Xenos building up large numbers, problem is there are a couple of nasty bottlenecks to overcome
Marines start top LHS and RHS, need to get out bottom RHS
Bugs swarm out
Moving fast
Flamer fires, and whiffs, fires again to fry bugs
Green Marines run to cut off the bottleneck
Just as well...
A sole Xeno survives the flames
DAKKA, DAKKA, not for long
Marines burst into the room and blow away the bug, flamer-marine pivots to set up a cut off
Reinforcements suck, lots of single bugs
And again
More Xenos appear, they swarm forwards
The flamer blocks the bug advance, three up
Three fried!
Bolter marines pivot to cover the advancing flamer-marine
Bugs run for cover and some sneaky lurking
Marines crowd the lower rooms, prepping for the next advance
As the bugs rush, a bolter jams
Bugs exploit the gap in cover to flank the white-marines
Another jam, maybe the bugs can gain some traction here
An old trick; bugs hide behind the door, use it to force overwatch/try for jams
Meanwhile the marine turns (CP) and takes the Xeno out in HTH!
Then turns, aims and...
Marines are finally stacked, the Flamer-marine leads off.  The rest fall back slowly, providing cover
Reinforcements split up
In the lower corner the bugs just cannot get a claw-hold
Soooooo close
Flames block the corridor
How slow are you lot?
About the opposite of this pile
A mini-stack forms
Flamer-marine moves up, Whoosh, one blocked corridor
Rearguard Marine advances, firing, and takes out the Xeno
but is short of AP/CP, so no overwatch
Still holding in the bottom corner
One bug too many
Kills the marine and scuttle out of LOS of the flamer-marine
Meanwhile, a nice swarm develops
Marines advance on two fronts, flames fill the corner section, has to fire twice as whiffed first time.  Bolters hose the door and Xenos behind it
Xenos make a rush for the rearguard
Very close.
But more arrive (reinforcements starting to get some 2s and 3s, finally)
Same thing, rushing the marines, hoping for jams
The rearguard clears everything
Another flamer shot, the last one (6th shot)
Flamer steps off, one saved.  Bolter Marine rounds the corner, firing
A bit of sustained firing later, dead bug
The stack shuffle forwards
Flamer Marine from white-squad finally gets close enough to offer some support fire.  Marines may pull this off handsomely
Or not.  A bug slips through the flaming corridor
SLASH, dead marine
Flamer fires, and MISSES!
Three more exit the board, only one more needed
Bugs rush to stop the marines
A bug gets to the green-marine
Who turns red, but we have a problem.  The Bug right in front of the white marine has no more APs to attack.  The bugs lose, ONE AP!  One more attack and the bugs would likely have pulled off a squeaker of a win, but no...
The marine steps off the board, the marines win, getting only the five off needed for victory.
Bummer, I thought I had finally got to the marines there.  Ah well, this one is less fun of a mission, too many bottlenecks, makes for more random events from CPs etc.  Ah well, on to the next, and final, mission!

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