Saturday, May 6, 2017

Summer of Slammers

A hammer's Slammer (Crucible Rules) game

A minor feeder road to the capitol.

A reinforced platoon of Commonwealth troops holds the hill

The hill covers the shallow valley

Light armour supports an infantry platoon - this is a minor road after all

Platoon Co is on the holo-net

Zoomed in (Holo-net is from Khurasan)

Free Foreign Legion (FFL) troops pour into the valley from behind a hill

The FFL are light infantry on GEV transports

The FFL back up the infantry with a platoon of medium panzers


The CW troops win initiative and react

Missiles out!

Tri-barrels whir and sight on the panzers

Powergun rounds tear into the front armour, finally beating through to the interior - one panzer brewed up

The others move to cover the infantry assault

Good shooting!

One CW light AFV brews up

The other has a lucky escape

FFL infantry surge forwards to assault the CW troops

BLAMMO!, one CW TU down, one pinned badly

The front to the FFL assault

 Time for missile resolution - incoming!

BOOM, top-hit and splat!

The FFL missile whiffs...

FFL win the initiative, and not surprisingly, in go the infantry


FFL pin down the ATGM teams in assault

BLAM, BLAM, BLAM!  FFL mow down CW TUs

Its looking grim, but strangely, the CW have not lost over 50%, yet...

The CW forces try to counter attack

But the assault goes badly, both ATGM teams are lost

Meaning, the Commonwealth lose over 50% and now surrender the hill to the FFL

What a fun short game.  Its been a while since I played HS Crucible rules, I had a bit of time so I thought I'd play a small-detatchment game.  I'd forgot how easy and fast these rules are to play. And, as a bonus they work well for infantry as well as armour.

So, what now, perhaps the Commonwealth will counterattack?

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