Sunday, November 26, 2017

Get Away From Da Chopper!

A slightly modified version of 'Sweep and Clear' from Ambush Alley.

The City.  It was a regular city, neither good nor bad, then They came. The people fled, They destroyed everything in their path.  The Military is struggling to fight back, They are too powerful.

Today in the The City, a VTOL carrying troops is shot down by Them.  The humans must escape to carry on the fight.  To win the game the human troops need escape (through opposite corner) and clear three Hot Spot markers on the way.  To win The Invaders just need to retain control of the city... ...or wipe out the humans!

 A city district in shambles

In the desperate rush to escape all was abandoned

 VTOL 33 down!


 "We escape that way, now move!"

 The Invaders swarm towards the downed VTOL

 How are there so many nearby?

Human squad, two Vet fire-teams (one still escaping the building) and a Vet Leader with two Reg crew

 First team advances straight into Invaders and Warbots.  Warbots are follow-me squad support types, not independent AI

 BRAAP! one Invader down, two 'bots immobilized.  Great shooting  (note, I'm using FoF dice restriction for shooting defense, its already made a difference compared with last game...)

Remaining Invader becomes shaken (triangles denote damaged bots, if under leader at start of next turn they roll 5,6 on D6 they reboot, otw they remain immobilized)

 View from the other side (shooting pics in this terrain is hard as the buildings are tall and close)

Second fire team and Leader's group advances

 Invaders move to cut the humans off

 Insurgency level is high (5), reinforcements arrive, a heavy weapon thing

 Warbots line up a kill-zone

 BLAM! BLAM!  That didn't go so well, the humans gained initiative and shot everything to bits

 Warbots fial to reboot

 Invader, gets shot at, armour saves it, but fails morale and flees (drops below D6)

 Fire team advances to form overwatch firebase behind cover

 Zoom to some pretty determined human troops and KO'd warbots

 Crossfire, the Leader's team covers the other street.  What for, we wonder?

 Invaders pour forwards....

 ... trying to overwhelm with numbers

 Overwatch makes them pay for that tactic

 Its a powerful group, but now they have morale problems

  More Invaders appear

   A fire team looks for alternative routes forwards

 And finds an unguarded narrow alley

 BLAM! BLAM!  between overwatch and interrupts the humans are holding these intersections pretty well, for now...
 View of lots of Invaders swarming, looks bad from here

 One Warbot reboots, not.  good.

 Where did they go?  The Leader's group bugs out leaving the street uncovered

 Ah!  there they are, running for the alley

 Invaders take advantage of the gap in fire-cover and pour down the street

 Wow, that's a whole lot of Invaders, more reinforcements

 A Lone Warbot appears to cover the now guarded alley

 The humans have to choice, they must secure this egress route.  They close assault the 'bot

  That didn't go well

 The humans have to take down the 'bot, they fight on.  The bot has no morale so keeps at it

 'bot down.  The /humans secure the egress route (and btw, get the chance to clear a second Hot Spot marker)

The remaining fire team falls back on the egress alley

 Wow, some effective Interrupt fire later and the street is cleared of Invaders

Invaders move to cut-off the human's escape plan

While advancing to exploit the sudden lack of cover-fire

Running away down a narrow alley is suddenly looking like a better plan than it was before

Escape lies down the street to the right, certain death to the left.

But first, the humans have to drop into cover to treat those casualties

Which works for them as one reenters the fray, the other is not so lucky
(note the Warbot can't try to reboot as no leader is nearby)

While the fire team attends to casualties the Leader's group leapfrogs forwards to secure the exit route


Er, Ok, perhaps shoot first.  Jolly good show chaps!, nearly.  One human goes down to Invader fire.

Now can you run?  And bring the body with you, we leave no man behind

BLAM! BLAM!  The small lead team are mowing down Invaders (again, the restricted FoF-style dice is making the difference here as the Invaders are not rolling a bucket of defense dice).  Meanwhile down the alley the fire team finds out they have a dead trooper

Leg it!  The leader's group and first fire team move to secure the alley
P.S.  over the last two turns the Invaders dice luck ran out, they received no reinforcements at all

Get away from da choppa!  That way!

Out! Out! Out!  The humans escape the Invader-overrun, just

OK, so that's how it goes, the last turn that it could count and and look at the huge group the Invaders get.  Pity it went to a 'cleared' hot spot

Game Over man, Game Over!  The Invaders cannot get to the humans before they escape the section

The 'scores on the doors': Humans two casualties and two Hot Spots cleared: mediocre at best.  Invaders, two 'monkees' killed and still in firm control of the city: pretty good result.  Outcome: The Invaders win, The Invaders win!

Wow, very different game from the last one, the FoF dice restriction restores a better balance with small squads/tech/experience differences, making it much less one sided.  Ages ago I played Tomorrow's War and hated how unbalanced it was, perhaps I should revisit it  using the FoF-mod?

Other than that, another fun AA game.  I really do enjoy these pretty straightforwards rules, and as a bonus, they are easy to adapt to all genres.

Next AA game will be something completely different.  But before then, I have this city set up, time to play another game...

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