Sunday, November 26, 2017

Stomp and Deliver

MechAttack -  a simple set of rules for fast and furious Mech-based games.  Never heard of them ?  I'm not surprised, I wrote them during a very long and boring meeting.  I edited them during another snooze-fest, and now I play them for fun...

...Mecha carnage away!

 Green force, three Class 2 gun/GMS mechs, two Class 1 light mechs with guns

 White force, two gun/PDS mechs, four Class 1 light gun mechs

 Very dense terrain as the mechs do battle in The City

 White deploys cautiously with a screen of C1 mechs

 Green a little bolder, advancing one C2 mech

 A C1 White mech advances in recon, its spotted by Green forces

 A green C2 mech rushes to counter attack

 BRAAAP!, totally no effect...

 BZAAP!, the White mechs counter fire and immobilize the Green mech.  No Autorepair so its stuck for the game

 A C2 White mech joins in the fray, BRAAP!, no effect...

 A Grren C2 advances and launched GMS base don LoS from the first mech

 The White mech better start popping countermeasures

 Meanwhile a guncrab os KO'd by a C1 white mech

 The gun-C2 mech joins the action

 BLAMMO!  Main gun KO (only gun actually...)

 A White C1 attacks from the rear, KO-ing the main gun system of the immobilized green C2

 GMS goes into final attack and pops sub-warheads

 BOOM! the PDS and countermeasures took down all but one warhead, it was all that was needed

Time to think differently,

 The remaining C2 White mech backs off to engage only the green gun mech

 And it wiffs completely

 Aim, and Fire!  For no effect, so its time for missiles out instead, Fox One!

 Gulp, go active for defense

 C1 mechs trade fire ineffectively

 PDS and countermeasures take one GMS down

 The other goes active, splits and several warheads impact, destroying the C2 White mech

 The Green gun mech backs off to engage the C1 White mech in the rear

 The heavy gun lines up and

 KABLOWIE!  C1 mech is toast
 A C1 mech backs of preparing to retreat

 Not for long, the Green C2 down the street immobilizes it

 One mech manages to retreat off-board

 Missiles away, target lock on the last C1 mech as it retreats

 The C1 fails to escape, the missile goes active and...

 BOOM!  destroyed C1

The city is firmly under the mechanical heel of Green forces

See, MechAttack, its fast, deadly and fun to play.  As an FYI, I bought into the Heavy Gear Kickstarter, so I have a load of C1/2 mechs to game with.  MechAttack was an attempt, in part, to make a set of quick play rules to use those figs.  So far its working, it could probably do with tweaks, but I'm in no rush...

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  1. It's a pretty impressive amount of work from a meeting. When I worked in the "real" world I remember writing a car wars like game and it was when I used to doing most of my RPG session prep.