Saturday, December 9, 2017

First Contact! (the game)

"Contact! Unknown silhouette and drive signature.  Its approaching fast, it will reach detection perimeter in 5,4,3,2... ...somethings wrong. We're not getting an IFF or any ELINT chatter.  Hold on!  Its just ramped up its approach vector, ETA orbital defenses in 1 hour"

45mins later... ...all coms are down, all defense forces are stood to, an unknown threat is inbound.  No one knows what the target us.

Scientists at the Alien artifacts frantically download data into an AI

UNSC Marines begin to move to high alert, covering the VTOL pad (Marines on buildings denote squads inside)

The approach to the artifacts

And the data cores

Incoming, two zealot and four elite warriors

The aliens appear at the edge near the artifacts

The zealots lead the way

The first group charge into the human camp

First blood to the Zealot, two puny humans are gunned down in a hail of plasma fire

Next, thier pathetic vehicle is set ablaze

One Marine manages to bail from the wreckage

The second group advances under cover of plasma fire

UNSC Marines pour our of the camp in response

Marines set up overlapping fields of fire, a kill-zone certain to take down these strange aliens

The survivors of the initial onslaught of fire round up the scientists

The aliens advance on the artifacts

Interrupt fire is ineffective

A zealot reaches the artifact and activates it, something the humans have not been able to do.  human data cores are still monitoring the site, unbeknown to the aliens.  This new knowledge of the alien artifacts is essential, the UNSC must now evacuate the science group to the VTOL and escape

The Elite warriors set about killing more humans

A warrior goes down in a hail of fire

The surviving warrior finishes its activation by close assaulting the remaining crew marine

The Marine does not last long

Med-systems kick in and the fallen warrior has only a minor wound, it will fight on

The other zealot is creating a distraction for the humans, its goal is to make time fo r the other team to access the artifact (spend two turns in contact)

The zealot's groups lays waste to all before it

Or to the side of it

Then it charges

An elite goes down

The aliens fight like demons, one human down...

The entire squad is taken down

Meanwhile the scientists are shuttled towards evacuation

Marines set for action

Despite losing an elite, the zealot has no hesitation

It charges!

Defensive fire takes down the last elite

Leaving only the zealot

Two Marines down!


Last one...
All down.  The zealot is victorious

Near the artifacts the Marine fire becomes more effective, pinning the zealot's group

Once more med systems rescue elites

The scientist groups are so close

Its not looking too good for the UNSC right now

Marines advance to pressure the group near the artifacts

A zealot advances towards them

Its hit!

But it shrugs off the fire

IT turns and kills the straggler Marine

The group near the artifacts have what they came for, the need to exit the board from the same corner they entered.  They use the time the other zealot is buying for their escape

Elites advance on the humans, gunning them down with plasma fire

The survivor flees. leaving the way open for the group to escape

The scientists are close to escape, their Marine escorts mount a final defense
A lot of casualties...

The zealot prepares

The charges!

The Marines fail final defense fire roll so have to take the charge

Things go from bad

To worse

And keep going

The zealot stands victorious (again)

The group with the data from the artifact reach the board edge

Elites are still watchful, the aliens make it out with the data they were looking for

Meanwhile the scientists and remaining Marines make it to the VTOL

The VTOL lifts off and the scientist make it out with data on the artifacts, now they need to try to understand what it means

Post-battle analysis by Naval Intelligence (NavInt) reveals presences of two aliens corpses.  Both corpses were preserved and send by fast-courier to NavInt for forensic analysis

What happened, who were the aliens and what were they after? 

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