Thursday, December 7, 2017

First Contact!

Humanity has spread into the stars.  Along the way they found out they were not the first to get there

UN research station on a remote outpost of humankind.

The reason for the research post, strange relics belonging to an Alien race

Its a pretty dull posting for the non-science types, but at least there is a pub over there!

A not-so-secret project I've been working on, and a major cause of my recent painting inertia

Finally making some progress on this set has broken the inertia.  This is most of the UN space Command figures

And this is most of the YanDrassi Collective figures

Why this project?  I like small skirmishes, and I like the background fluff behind a certain video game franchise.  I don't play the game, but when I saw the YanDrassi and ArtCrime figs I knew I wanted to play games with them.  So I've (very) slowly been collecting and painting up a set of figs ready to play.

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