Friday, December 22, 2017

MechAttack - But where are the Mechs?

Time for stompy-bot action!

The guncrabs

The stompy-bots

The area, an abandoned military base

The humies fled because the 'bots were coming

See the guncrabs swarm through the base gate (top edge is fencing)

Another shot, just because

The stompy-bots advance through the base



 Jump, Swooosh!  fire-and-forget GMS away

 Swoosh, another GMS out

Scuttle, jump, swoosh, the guncrab fires a GMS in return

BLAMMO!  a stompy-bot hits a guncrab scuttling along a roofline and KO's its main (only) weapon

The big guncrabs move up

Really up, on a roof, it unloads its plasma cannon on the huge stompy bot

And how!  The re-rolls kept on going, a massive number of hits renders the stompy-bot a smoldering pile.  (typical, freshly painted, 1st game and its KO'd in the 1st turn)

The other big-bot gets into the fray

Its main guns easily punch holes in the guncrab's armour, a total KO

Guncrabs fire GMS at the big-bot

But what the heck!  A lucky run of gunfire takes down the other large bot.  Its not looking good for the stompy-bots

A small-bot takes a hit

Pity its a system KO

Carnage everywhere, looks like an easy win for the guncrabs

But what's this, a third medium stompy-bot rushes in to the desperate defense

POW!  a minor hit on a guncrab, a system KO

Guncrabs return fire, a total KO on a small bot

The 'bots team-mate uses the wreckage for cover while launching a GMS

Boom!  Stompy-bots begin to take down the guncrab hoard

Uh oh, the bot with a KO loses its gun

Another guncrab down

In return the guncrabs finally take out the immobilized bot

Missiles out!

KABLEWIE! 'bots lose another

A large guncrab goes hunting

Predictably the small bot it picked on is a KO (just as well those GMS are fire and forget...)

The last big stompy-bot enters the action

It shoots

It misses...

well almost, its a main gun KO

The field by the end of the turn, much more evened up, maybe a slight edge for the guncrabs

Stompy-bots win initiative and the big-bot takes down a larger guncrab

Return fire goes badly, the 'bot loses a secondary weapon

A small gun crab approaches the bot and fires

OH NOES!  A system KO, this is going to suck

The guncrabs pour on fire, the 'bot is immobilised

Missiles out!

And thats about the end, the guncrabs can take their time whittling the big 'bot down

The guncrabs win, and now hold this base

The last stompy-bot, gunless and running away

The remaining guncrabs, with the easy loss of the first two large stompy-bots they really need the third as reinforcement.  With that done, the fight was much more even.  Even holding the base, the guncrabs are going to have to gain reinforcements before they can push deeper into stompy-bot territory

A quick work on terrain and in-contact starts.  Terrain is easy, this is the Spartan Games Planetfall terrain box, its card sides clipping into acetate to form these military buildings.  Even though its supposed to be for 10mm and its only card buildings I thought its not too bad, and it easily works for 15mm.  I really got it as it kind of has a UNSC (Halo) vibe to it as a rear base rather than a front line bunker-style base.  Got to have something for those REMFs to defend (don't look that one up at work, is a bit sweary). 

And in-contact starts, just like Ambush Alley, these are great for me as a solo-gamer.  There is no way I'm going to surprise myself with a flank-march, I'll leave those for games with other folks.

Mmmm, got a base set up and time of over Crimbo, wonder what I'll play next?

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