Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My other car's a Warthog

My 'inspired by a video game' set needed a gunjeep or three

I like the Old Crow pickup, but Khurasan's open jeep was closer to the look I was going for.  This is the first, with a modified roll-cage, new windscreen and alternative HMG

This is the second, with similar mods to the first.  Drivers and crew of both are from GZG.  As gunjeeps they are small, but work for me. 

Then I saw these, a version by HotWheels.  I saw them  while doing some Xmas shopping, mini-me minor ended up with one in his Xmas stocking.  Even though this is a HotWheels toy it appears (via the interwebs) that they scale pretty close to the in-game dimensions.  In-game it is an oversized vehicle

I crewed two, this time the Khurasan figs were a ideal fit.   Size comparisons are a GZG OUDF standing in for a UNSC (Reach) Marine and a Critical mass fig standing in for a Spartan

As toy are not expensive, I took the gun out of one (tempted to paint a driver up for this one too)

For a Hot-Wheels toy its pretty well painted and decaled

In comparison to the Khurasan jeep the HotWheels is huge!

The HotWheels version is ready to go(ish) from the box, as its pretty inexpensive I'm tempted to get a few more for wrecks, conversions, spares and more.

Vrooom!  Time to go play


  1. The HotWheels version is the same size as the purpose built 15mm scaled version from the Halo Ground Commend game. They are big for dune buggies!