Thursday, March 8, 2018

Taking a Tiger by the Tail

GZG ECC prep time.  I'm running a Hammer's Slammers Crucible game on Friday night, time to brush up on the rules

 Slammer detachment advances.  Waldheim Dragoons lurks in ambush

Slammers enter the road in column

Patrol speed

Wait for it...

Slammers strung out along the road

 A blower leads the way

Dragoons unmask and prepare to fire

Its almost a target rich environment

Missiles away!

More missiles
 Direct firing by the Slammers really stank this turn, either misses or glances of armour


 Heavy Dragoons line up

 Kabloowie, med Dragoons take down a combat car

Burning car, crew bail ok though

Its like buses they always come together, another combat car destroyed, this time the crew were less lucky

 Missiles streak in, some get shot down

 Two get through, mobility kills for the two lead slammers

 Slammers regroup in cover, not much left of the detatchment

 Dragoons advance to get shots

Dragoons close in too far and can no longer fire a missile volley, a sole ATGM streaks towards the tank

 BOOM!  The main gun cycles leaving on e destroyed MBT

 Burning hulk

 Combat car scores a kill

Destroying a med MBT

 "I can just see him"

 And that's all I need... ...another destroyed MBT

 That rock formation hid nothing

 This may have swung the game towards the Slammers?

 Dragoons advance to firing positions

 Combat car takes a hit, losing a wing gun

 Blower misses the Dragoon heavy, missile is intercepted

 Time for a new plan. 
 Dragoons with the upper hand?

 Med MBTs look for the best shots

The heavy MBT seeks cover from the hulk

What was I thinking?  I was treating the Slammers like the other forces I play with, DOH!  I was playing too cautiously.  Instead I did what they always do in the books, get stuck in up close.  Why?  Because I can use their speed to get rear-angle shots, way lower armour scores than frontals

 Now it begins...
 Whiff, Dragoons mis, they all miss (or fail to penetrate the Slammers armour)

 Boom, one MBT down (main gun), one mostly KO'd (tribarrel)

 Combat car opens up and BRAAAAAAP! Two more down

 Game over Man, Game over!  Slammer win easily. 

Those tribarrels in rear-angle were deadly, they put out such a huge volume of fire that the outcome  was inevitable

 The sole surviving Dragoons slinks away

 Slammer go defensive while waiting for the wrenchmobiles

 Meanwhile mini-me turns up to play.  He likes VTOLs

 Especially when they have 'lights and sound' action

 I dug out an old one for him

From the Starship Trooper movie range.  He likes it 'cos it has two opening doors  (cargo pod underneath)

Alright!  Slammers rules refreshed, time to play some more then pack the troops.

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