Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mega City... ...meh =8-(

Mini-Me Major has been pouring over my old Judge Dredd comics.  Since he was so into it I offered to set up a game for him. So here we have:

Sector 34_6, north east corner of Mega City One, Sunday, 3.30pm.

Commercial District 6

A typical Sunday

 Judges on call in a watching bay

 A low Crime day, a Tap gangs works the over-sked

 A litter bug strolls

 A vigilante patrols the park

 A Juve scrawls

 And a slowster holds up traffic

 Up above the spy-in-the-sky cams patrol

 They spot unusual traffic

A heavily laden grav courier heads towards the bank...

And with out  even checking out the table then Mini-Me Major decides he doesn't want to play soldiers today.  Bummer, but that's 11yr olds for you.  I guess its a solo game for me then...


  1. Awesome setup. I really like the grey tone crowds.

  2. Yep, grey crowds are awesome, very cinematic.