Tuesday, October 24, 2023

15mm Scopedog and a Standing Turtle

"How big are my VOTOMs?" Ashely asked, Blooger's not letting me reply, so here's a post instead with pics

My GoogleFu tells me the Scopedogs should be around 3m tall. Although when I watch VOTOMs that seems a little variable in the animation, but no biggie, I'm sticking with it,  so they are approx 32mm to the top of the dome.

By way of comparison, here's a GZG NAC (newer sculpt), standing next to a Scopedog.  The AT is approx 2x man height so it looks sort of the right scale to me.  PS, both 'dog and NAC are in the paintshop...

The Scopedogs were sourced from Cults, here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/scopedog-mecha-miniatures-bundle
The backpack came from another file, here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/3-robots-3d-printable-40mm-dextraguy
Both are originally scaled larger, 75mm and 40mm.  Scale reduction hasn't been too bad.

The first file is multipart, this is the file I used, the second is in two parts and the proportions for the two don't match, so I have not used the AT from this file.

I did use the Standing Turtle from this file, it is also in two parts, unfortunate legs-akimbo posing means it will produce less pose variety.

Turtle with HUGE missile gun.  Fortunately, its easily snipped off for replacement.  This sculpt is a real pain to print.  The plates are all hung off the 'body' and there is way too much fine detail for a small fig so there are a bajillion supports to remove.  Oh well, three down, 27 more to go...

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  1. Cheers for doing this post, and for the links. IIRC a Scopedog is 13 foot tall, or 4 meters, but what's a meter between friends. ;-)