Monday, July 2, 2018

Moongrunt - prepping forces

Remember the moonbuggy, this one:
It got me thinking about what Moongrunt could be, so I used my GZG voucher from Xmas and bought a bunch of toys.  I then spent an age gluing all the little fiddly bits, plus my fingers, together.

So now I have two Moongrunt forces:
Both sides, they are essentially equal.  I will probably multi-base the figs so I can use them with Hammer's Slammers rules.

All those moon-jeeps and jet-trucks were a pain to assemble...

Force One, with mechs and Command at the back

Force Two, same order, different armour and mechs.  Both forces have a bunch of infantry too

Generic buggies, robots and base-type staff
For scenery I managed to pick up an old UFO-moonbase kit and modded it up a bit.  Base personnel and Infantry in the wire baskets at the top.

A module as a stand-alone structure.  It turned out these scale well for 15mm.  I also bought a moonscape base-mat and will probably try to get stuff like a Space 1999 Eagle or two. 

Next, once the humidity scales back a bit, an awful lot of white primer and paint!

Time for the annual "what have I been up to" post

Ah, summer at last.  Been a while since blogging, as spring sets in and early summer beckons other hobbies and interests pick up.

So, instead of a blog post, here's a montage!

The Veggie patch got a big reno, these are three of the new raised beds, there are three more behind me in this shot.  I made these early spring from cedar.  There's a new garden bench made from the cedar off cuts too, but its not in shot.  Forgive the wonky path, mini-me major relaid that one.

 Mini-me Major and Minor's hiking season kicked into gear

 With some of this

 Up there...

"This way", says mini-me minor

Ahh, made it...

I've been keeping up the road riding over winter, but its now full-on MTB season.  Its nearly time to start building up training for this years big trip, a week's biking in the Pyrenees!

There's not a lot of time left for soldiers (at least as long as I can keep awake, yup, I'm heading down old-farts lane, falling asleep in front of the TV on an evening!).  However, remember this little convert, well it got me thinking about Moongrunt, so I got me some more soldiers to build up.  More next post.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


I'm building Moongrunt forces, hopefully I will get them done in time for next year's ECC GZG Con.

While building I had a flash of inspiration, those NAC 6-wheeler buggies look an awful lot like Silent-Running-type Moon buggies.

So, with a quick snip of a driver's backrest and a trim of the space-suited driver's legs we have a moon buggy

Whats neat about this is that the larger buggies come with two drivers, so I'm using a driver one for each buggy and using an armed passenger fig to ride shotgun in the larger buggy.

I've made a bunch of these armed with light weapons as a skirmish/recon vehicle force.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Destruction Testing: Bringing a 170t Hovertank to a knife fight

After the last game I wanted to try out the Slammers in a close in fight vs. 'OK' but tough troops.

So here we have Slammers vs Antargran Regulars

Why? Because I have these big tanks and I like to use them!



Slammers advance

Zoom go the combat cars

Whoosh go the blowers




Oh @#$%$^& they are on top of us, FIRE!

Hit them!

They are behind us!

Not a lot of effective fire going on here

Antargran reinforcements arrive

Surely this will be different this time

Tanks at 'point blank' range

A 'target rich' environment

blam, KO a tribarrel

BLAM!  skirt destroyed, blower immobilized

KABLEWIE!  Blower destroyed

BLAM!  Blowers main gun KO'd

At the scary end of some big guns

So far the Antargran's are doing OK.  Their heavy armour is doling out the pain

BRAAP, tribarrels open up on the lighter tanks, doling out some effective damage

BANG! Combat cars destroy the Antargran HQ vehicle

Combat car brews up, all crew lost

BZAAAP!  Slammers begin the payback, an Antargran heavy MBT explodes and two light tanks down

MBT immobilized - its surely not long for this battle

Fall back!  Antargran MBT seeks better cover

Lighter tanks hedgehog

Immobilized MBT offers some fire support

BRAAAAP, combat cars chew up the lighter tanks, if not destroying them reducing them to ineffective hulks

BZAAP another immobilized MBT

Not good, Antargran's are down one heavy MBT, with two immobilized ready to be picked off when the Slammers are ready and the light tank platoon is toast.  Time to throw in the towel and seek surrender terms
Slammers in charge of the battle space (again!)

OK, a quick and deadly action.  I wanted to really test the knife-fighting aspect of Slammers warfare, and yes, they are deadly up close.  Slammers vehicles are VERY tough with high all-round armour, the combination of this with speed and ability to gain flank and rear shots (at Elite level) with such high fire volume is deadly.

However, it is now when I realized my big mistake.  I had inadvertently been playing with the 28mm cards for the slammers, so I actually had then moving twice as fast as they should for the same LPs.  After some back-tracking calculations I'm pretty certain the outcome would have been the same, as I had tons of spare LPs for the Slammers so could have used them for additional movements.

So, Slammers, tough, hit hard, hit what they aim at and move fast.  But are they fun?  Sort of, I like playing them, but I don't think I could play them often.

And as a side note on the Crucible rules.  I don't use cm, I stick to inches.  Why?  Two reasons: the first is that Antargran MBT can only move 8cm and the tank is longer than 8cm, I just cannot play with the vehicle not able move its own length in a movement.  Second, in inches the game really zips along, more how I imagine the Slammers novels when I read them.

This was the second of the GZG test games, now its time to pack the toys and be off to the GZG ECC.  Slammers game on Friday night here we come!