Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mega City... ...meh =8-(

Mini-Me Major has been pouring over my old Judge Dredd comics.  Since he was so into it I offered to set up a game for him. So here we have:

Sector 34_6, north east corner of Mega City One, Sunday, 3.30pm.

Commercial District 6

A typical Sunday

 Judges on call in a watching bay

 A low Crime day, a Tap gangs works the over-sked

 A litter bug strolls

 A vigilante patrols the park

 A Juve scrawls

 And a slowster holds up traffic

 Up above the spy-in-the-sky cams patrol

 They spot unusual traffic

A heavily laden grav courier heads towards the bank...

And with out  even checking out the table then Mini-Me Major decides he doesn't want to play soldiers today.  Bummer, but that's 11yr olds for you.  I guess its a solo game for me then...

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Wacky Races

Over the winter I built a race set, I was going to surprise the GZG ECC Folks with it.  Alas not this year...

...So the kids and I have been racing over it.  The track
Its some modular plastic thing I got cheap from Ebay.  I was going to use it for MoonGrunt but realized it looked like a track
The Racers: these are Antenociti GOT cars, a pain to build but fun to paint.  I have four racers.  They are lined up at the start gate, a repurposed street sign from 4Ground.
One of the 'pit stops' this one has three missile pick-ups, a force field pick-up plus the activator for one auto-turret.
The second 'pit stop' has Nitro refueling!
The Third has extra fuel plus a force field pick-up
And the final one, oil slick pick-ups, a force field pick-up plus the activator for an auto-turret
The red arrow section are "rapid movement" sections and the lap-counters in the center.  This race is the first to finish six laps.
Divers:  Black: Mini-Me Minor; White: Mini-Me Major; Green: Me
The race is on, red and white race to pit-stop 1
Black surges past, using the rapid to gain advantage
Black goes straight for Nitro
White turns on the turret and goes for the chasm jump
The engine roars and White leaps
Majestically soaring across the chasm
To land on the other side
only to try to blow away his brother in the black car...
Black pits to pick up more stuff, Green sneaks by
White is first to finish a lap
As Black crosses the line White and Green are busy grabbing stuff
Green drops a force-field in the slow lane, last turn Green dropped one at the end of the rapid, this is going to be messy
Black goes for more missiles
Its neck-and-neck at the end of the second lap
White pulls in for gas and shoots down the force field, Green and Black use it to sneak past
Black decides to add to the track by dropping oil
White avoids the oil then drops a force field right in front of Green.  At this point the kids have formed a pact to beat me... ...Challenge accepted
Gulp, no way through.  Engine to max and the only option is to ram the shield
Kerrump, and Green loses a turn
The kids zoom off
while Green gets stuck
Green ends up a whole lap behind
Time to get revenge, on goes an auto turret
Kids pick up ordinance and plot
Missiles out, shield goes up in flames
Green is next on the list, Green barely dodged it
And  Green is off, dropping oil
Turret on, oil dropped and Green races for the line
Some slick driving later Green dodges the shields, pulled a fast one in the rapid and jumped the chasm.  Kids were not happy... Black fired, once
And once more, just because
Green dodges, zooms and almost catches back up with White
Fifth lap, Green avoids pit stops and regains a lap
Green catches Black
And it neck-and-neck at the chasm jump
Green wins the initiative and roars off
Black pulls ahead and is inches from finishing his 6th lap (we have to cross the line), Black also drops a shield

We are all so close, the winner will be the one who wins the initiative roll!

Winner, winner, chicken Dinner! -> Green wins the initiative
Green powers through the line and starts pulling doughnuts
And done...
And here's us doing it for real, we rented an ATV on a trip out to Sedona.  It was soooo much fun.