Saturday, November 19, 2022

Spacehulk (sort of)

 Well nearly... ...but first, Lost Patrol

The idea of this (long forgotton?) GW game appeals to me, its an exploration, lay-tiles-as-you-go, game of scouts and tyranids.  Unfortunately, the rules stink, its nearly impossible for Marine players to win, however, its a tile-based game, so sub in SpaceHulk rules and 15mm figs and its sort of a travel space hulk

Especially when there was a fan-made version of space hulk tiles, these I downloaded and stuck on wooden tiles, I use my old Freikorps Marines and some GZG Aliens

In the original, the goal is to get to the dropship.  Here as I have one, its get to the exit and the waiting APC (Konami in this case)

Mini-Me-Minor wanted to play, he stared out strong
Did some good advancing

To find the APC with two marines



Tha APC!

Unfortunately, the remainder of the squad had less success exploring



Ruh, Roh!





And its Game over man, Game over!

So two marines got out.  Its way more fun with SH rules than Lost Patrol rules. 

On another topic entirely, its time for ECC GZG Con planning, I think this year I'm going with Aliens, in 20mm.  Time to use all these new figs in a big game
Ah, Etsy, you are such a temptress.  Lots of new terrain from her.

Plus a new 1/76 Cheyenne dropship

Sweet! My old 1/72 APC fit underneath!  And yup, those wing pods DO retract, th efront misse wings don't open though, but still its great for a fan-made 3d print, and WAY cheaper than getting an unobtaniun Aoshima version.

Its in the paint shop today, as are the APCs to match colour.

Stay Frosty Marines!

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