Monday, December 26, 2022

GZG ECC XXV Planning -> Just Another Bughunt?

 Oooorah!  Colonial Marine Platoon reporting for duty...

Platoon of 20mm Marines waiting for a warmer day to get varnished

Full Infantry To&E

Lt and Synthetic

First Squad plus M577 APC and driver

Second squad, M577 APC and driver

UD-4L dropping off an M577 APC

All down

Mission done, time for a hot one

All painted, next I need a warmer day to get this lot varnished.  The Marine figures were from Etsy, the pilot with a brew is a  Hasslefree Grymm pilot, the LT and synthetic both Elheim, I think.  The APCs were fan-made that I bought at Cold Wars many, many years ago.  The dropship, another from Etsy.

Marines done, bugs to finish off next...

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